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davidDavid Fahrenthold, The Washington Post reporter who CNN called “a breakout star in the 2016 campaign reporting.” He was behind some of the biggest scoops of the campaign reporting season.  He obtained the “Access Hollywood” tape that upended the campaign in early October. Fahrenthold used Twitter, a phone and a note pad to track millions of dollars that Donald Trump said he donated to charity.  The Post’s publisher Fred Ryan said Fahrenthold’s work “dominated political conversation during much of the presidential race and ranks as one of the greatest runs of political journalism in recent memory.”


Alexios Mantzarlis
the head of the International Fact-Checking Network.  He will show educators how universities around the globe are building fact-checking courses for journalism students. Fact-checking websites have seen a surge in traffic at just the same time when popular thinking says facts don’t seem to matter in American politics.  Does fact-checking matter to voters? You will hear about the latest research.

Erik Diehn is an expert in the business of podcasting. He is CEO of Midroll. Podcast advertising expanded at a 48 percent rate last year, and it’s forecast to grow about 25 percent a year through 2020. By that point, it would be approaching half a billion dollars in annual ad revenue. NPR alone earns $10 million a year through podcasting. Legacy newsrooms are producing podcasts, sometimes several podcasts a day. What do your students need to know about what makes a successful podcast, who listens and how simple of sophisticated the podcast must be to become popular. This is something your students will need to know.

gubar-fusionJustine Guber is is a four-time Emmy award-winning investigative journalist. She knows hard news. She works for Fusion, a news outlet that has an attitude and editorial bent. It makes no secret of it’s anti-Trump leanings. Fusion is going after a younger audience. Fusion is one of a handful of publishers currently on Snapchat Discover, but it’s also staked out territory on many other distribution channels, including Apple TV, Roku and cable television. An Fusion investigation of El Chapo got 3 million YouTube views. This is journalism with an attitude. Is it journalism you should be teaching?

screen-shot-2017-02-01-at-5-53-11-pmNathan Shonts owns FlyMotion, a company that specializes in Unmanned Aerial System (drones.) He will show educaotrs how drones are now being used by police, rescue workers, utility companies, offshore oil rigs, farmers as well as journalists.  This eye-opening session will show you reasons you may want to consider teaching students how to fly cameras. Drone technology has grown well beyond hoving over a car crash.  It is astonishing new technology that not only flies, but can go underwater and on the ground in an all terrain remote controlled vehicle. Biologists are using it to monitor whales.  TEACHAPALOOZA promises front-edge teaching.  THIS is front edge.